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1. R. Mazrooei-Sebdani, Long Time Delays Degenerate Bifurcations of Two-Species

  Interacting Models, Nonlinearity, Under Review.

2. R. Mazrooei-Sebdani, Complex Dynamics in Rational Planar Map, Under Review.

3. R. Mazrooei-Sebdani, Bifurcations of Delay Difference Equations with Applications to

Population ModelsUnder Review.

4. R. Mazrooei-Sebdani (with F. Verhulst and H. Hanssmann), Hamiltonian Oscillators in 1:+-2:+-4 Resonance, preprint.

5. R. Mazrooei-Sebdani (with Z. Eskandari), On Computing Normal Forms of Symmetric Maps with Software Extensions, preprint.

University Research

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